Four Elements is a youth program that uses hip-hop as a vehicle for social justice, community empowerment, leadership and advocacy. We believe that Hip-Hop is a positive force that brings people from different cultural backgrounds together. The four main elements of hip-hop include breaking, mc-ing, DJing and graffiti. Though Hip-Hop is not always viewed in a positive light, we believe it has the potential to save lives and create opportunities.

4 Elements Agreement-4 Elements is meant to be a safe place for youth and artists to learn and grow in hip-hop. Our goal is simply to spread our passion and to help others develop their own self-expression. This is a judgment free zone. We’re all at different levels and express differently, but we encourage each other forward. All we ask is that while we are together we follow a model of peace, love, unity, and fun. Everyone deserves the respect to feel safe and comfortable in this space to express themselves freely.

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